Cloud Top Consulting Partners LLC
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Solution Experience

Cloud Top Consulting Partners has experience in the following solution areas:
  • Lead/demand generation
  • Sales/Opportunity management 
  • Proposal/Quote generation
  • Sales Tax calculation via Avalara's AvaTax

Service Cloud
  • Service Desk
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Portal
  • QA-Dev issue integration

Asset/License Management

For software firms that face the problem of managing, tracking and deploying Assets and Licenses, Cloud Top Consulting has helped software companies use as the basis for tracking their assets, contracts and deploying licenses.

Remote System Administration

Let us be your System Administrator for a low flat fee. We will keep your system in top shape, serve the needs of your staff. You can assign the administrator duties to an IT person, but that is not likely to be provide an effective, growing system. You can hire an administrator, but that can be expensive, especially if your needs are sporadic. 

With Cloud Top you get experienced administration, when you need it. We will quote you a flat fee with no long term commitment. What do you have to lose.

Systems Integration
How do I calculate/commit sales tax but report/reconcile with my back-end systems effectively?
    • Our integration experience goes well beyond the simple technical bits of getting systems to talk to each other. We know how to integrate the business aspects. 
    • How do I go beyond processing credit cards within to integrating those sales into my existing systems.
    • Once I have completed a sale in, I want to push the order to Great Plains. What are my options?
    • I use AvaTax and TaxNow but I have custom fields or a custom object that I need to support.  Can you customize TaxNow?

These are the kinds of questions that we provide answers and solutions. Let us help
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